Translation and Ethnography in Literary Transaction (2006)

About Translation and Ethnography in Literary Transaction from p. 254 of Lindberg-Wada, Gunilla. Studying Transcultural Literary History. Walter de Gruyter, 2006. Print.
In the introduction, Lindberg-Wada writes: “In a wild chase over continents,  [Stephanos Stephanides’s paper ‘Translation and Ethnography in Literary Transaction’] seems to carry the problem of translatability to its extreme by demonstrating theat real ‘cross-cultural transfer’ is equal to creolization and hybridization (criollismo). With reference to Borges and others Stephanides suggests that these are ‘the formative processes in cultural production.’ From this one might, perhaps, draw the conclusion that the scale of translatability, ranging from universals to culture-specific elements, becomes meaningless. Cross-cultural transfer is integrated in cultural dynamics of another kind. The ‘specific’ becomes ‘universal’ – and simple ‘translation remains inadequate.”